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Monster Bash 2011 – JOIN US!

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10/31/10 – Poughkeepsie, NY – 6:44 pm

My pals Ruth, Jacob and I were walking by this portrait hanging in a storefront window in a fairly rundown “part” of the Pok on our way back to some Halloween festivities. Amidst the bums, pimps, and crack whores, this was truly a work of art. Anyone know the story on this one? Most likely, …

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10/30/10 – Poughkeepsie, NY – 6:35 pm

Getting the Evil Eye at the House of Netherworld and drinking insane concoctions from a giant skull mug in preparation for Halloween revelry. How chic!

Birthday #42 in Portland

I’ve always been a big fan of my own birthday. Even this many years later, the glee and anticipation for my highest holiday have been on such steady levels that there seems to be no sign of them ever dying down. Maybe because I don’t harbor the self-loathing and lack of imagination so rampant amongst …

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Portland Birthday Trip Pics

Although a full blog post on the trip is likely to be posted in the near future, here are some of the pics from my Portland birthday extravaganza. Yes, I should have taken more, though access to the more personal shots is available to close friends with Flickr accounts. Enjoy!

Terror Transmission: “Bobb” Cotter Interview

Hey MGP! What’s Tasty These Days?

Not puppies. Besides, this isn’t about puppies. It’s about me and how I’m doing. But, how AM I doing? I’ve hardly had enough time to even ask myself that question. Let’s see… No doubt, many of you have noticed the onslaught of Monster Bash associated media over the last so many days. Not only will …

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Terror Transmission: Penny Dreadful Interview

Monster Bash 2010 – Enter The Robo-Matt

Monster Bash 2010 – Floozies and Koozies

We will be releasing more Monster Bash 2010 video throughout the next so many weeks. This is the first one I have fully edited, and I’m still waiting for Jason to offload the video he has from his camera to a portable storage device. Also, we’re still wanting to do a Terror Transmission podcast special …

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