M.I.T. Flea: April 2010

April 26, 2010 MGP 0

Before my pals and I got to the Boston area, we quickly stopped off at the two Apple Stores in New Hampshire (quickly, being the key word there, in case my NH friends are reading this) because we wanted to check out the iPad. Yeah, I get it. They look like a good time and I’ll get one when I feel it fits my needs. While at one of these […]

Boston’s Chinatown

April 20, 2010 MGP 2

Went to the Boston area this past weekend, mainly for the first M.I.T. Flea of the year (which I may or may not go into details about later in the week, given my insane pre-finals prep). And although a couple of folks owe me some additional pics, here are the few I have thus far. Knock yourself out. Oh, yeah, and ching-chang-chong.

MGP on Hate Speech Radio – 8/9/09

September 9, 2009 MGP 2

Above is what happens to a birthday cake when a drunk and completely naked radio stuntgirl sits on it. Honestly… a pretty sweet tasting cake. Anyhoo… the Hate Speech Radio episode celebrating the dual birthdays of HSR host, David Harris and not-HSR host, Yours Truly has FINALLY been posted to the Hate Speech Radio podcast page (part one | part two) and also available at their iTunes page. Enjoy the […]

The Lord of Coke and Hot Dogs Is DEAD!

September 5, 2009 MGP 4

Well, it appears that the worst has happened. The mighty Lord of Coke and Hot Dogs, previously rumored to be having a mere makeover, has been completely transmogrified into a lowly shill for antiques! Gone are His emblematic red and white colors, His sturdy cup and His rigid wiener, and even His crown of paper has been revoked. From a June 2009 entry on the Roadside America website: The Iberville […]

NYC Birthday Trip Rundown

August 13, 2009 MGP 4

It had been seven years since I’d visited New York City — Halloween 2002, to be precise. It was an amazing visit, full of all sorts of good stuff. So, when I was mulling over where to celebrate my birthday this year, it seemed the obvious choice. Also obvious because I have a good number of friends in the area and it’d been awhile since I’d last seen them as […]

M.I.T. Flea: April 2009

April 21, 2009 MGP 1

Although it blows my mind that Wikipedia, as of this posting, has NO entry for it, The M.I.T. Flea Market — also known as Hamfest, Swapfest, or The Flea — is an open-air electronics flea market happening at the parking lot and parking garage near Albany and Main Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts every third Sunday between April and October of every year. In addition to vintage radios, electronics parts, and […]

1/23/09 – Black House North, Ontario – 10:08 pm

February 11, 2009 MGP 1

Guy: How about that steak?! Rosemary: And the cake! How did you eat two pieces? Guy: Out of politeness. That’s how, out of politeness. Rosemary: Only three dinner plates that matched, and all that beautiful silver. Guy: Maybe they’ll will it to us. Rosemary: Guess what’s in their bathroom? Guy: A bidet. Rosemary: “Jokes For The John.” Guy: No. Rosemary: A book on a hook right next to the toilet.