Monster Bash 2010 – Pics Available

July 4, 2010 MGP 0

See Terror Transmission’s Monster Bash 2010 pics at the Terror Transmission Flickr page, in the Evil Events and Terrifying Travels section, starting with this shot. Of course, you should also check out each and every episode of our podcast! That just goes without saying. Oh, and Happy Birthday, America! Here’s my post from 4th of July 2008.

Monster Bash Media Clips Coming Soon…

July 2, 2010 MGP 0

No, really, I mean it. I have this whole holiday weekend (including a paid day off on Monday) to quickly edit some of our video, audio and pics from our Monster Bash 2010 attendance (the “us,” being Terror Transmission, of course) so you can greedily consume it. I just need time, people! Precious, precious time. It’s coming…

6/4/10 – Essex, VT – 1:07 pm

June 7, 2010 MGP 1

(Backstory is here.) Forever gone is the achievement of Joan. No one really knew what “mo” was or why selling it in presumedly great amounts merited a mention on this sign, but now the sign is blank. No more Joan. No more “mo.” A sad day for the entire real estate community, I’m sure.