Rules for Diabologue

1) No giving out your username and/or password to anyone, regardless of how much you “trust” them.

2) No revealing personal information about other users. Although this sounds rather subjective, it ultimately boils down to respecting users and their choice to reveal or not reveal information about themselves that they wish. Don’t usurp that choice and make it for them. It’s bad form, occasionally rude, and will get you banned from actively using this site. Knowing that, I reserve the right to not approve such comments on sight.

3) Since I am an official of the Church of Satan, let’s get this one out right away: Under no circumstances will negative comments regarding Satanism or the Church of Satan be tolerated on this site. Comments such as these will not be approved, and continuation of this behavior will result in account deletion.

4) As an adjunct to #3, I will also not permit the inane act of “debating” Satanism. If you want to argue against Satanism or nitpick at it, leave this blog and find somewhere else to do it. Your misinformation and immaturity are not allowed here.

5) Absolutely NO linking to anti-Church of Satan sites in your comments. They will be deleted and so might you. Think before you link.