STH: News Archive (2004-2007)

In 1999, Superhighway To Hell moved from being a column in the widely-read Satanic publication, Not Like Most, to its own publication. STH lasted in print through four editions (2000-2003) and was largely a website review publication. In March 2004, STH publisher, Matt G. Paradise, felt that the print medium was too limited for what the publication was and what it could be, both in exposure and in content. So the idea was moved to an online format, providing a more interactive experience and gaining a larger audience. Since the dissolution of the STH site in 2009, all main content was moved to Diabologue, the center of attention for many things Purging Talon. (Note: Some links might be dead, either now or in the future. Keep it in mind.)


Satanism In The Media
[posted: November 2007]

13 July 2007 – Magus Gilmore on ABC’s 20/20
16 July 2007 – Magus Gilmore on Magick Mind Radio
5 August 2007 – Magus Gilmore on Austrian ORF FM4
10 August 2007 – Magus Gilmore on Point of Inquiry (mp3)
August 2007 – Reverend U.V. Ray on Newstateman

The Year of Satanic Literature
[posted: June 2007]

Numerous book releases have surfaced or will surface in 2007 from Church of Satan members worldwide. Available now are The Satanic Scriptures by Peter H. Gilmore, The Fire From Within by Magister Nemo, and The Satanic Life (various authors). Also, keep an eye out for books on the Satanic philosophy by Magister Svengali and Purging Talon‘s own Magister Paradise, tentatively due out by year’s end, and the long-anticipated photo book by Stephanie Crabe known as Motel Bizarre, due in October 2007.

Black House Tribute Records — Saluting Dr. LaVey
[posted: June 2007]

Formed by Church of Satan Warlocks BrehtJB and Chris Menta, Black House Tribute Records is dedicated to signing and releasing music projects consisting of CoS members only. And what is probably the most anticipated release from BHTR is ‘The Black House: A Tribute To Anton S. LaVey’ — a compilation of various artists paying musical respect to the founder of the Church of Satan. (Make sure to sign up on their MySpace page as well.)

The Devil’s Composer Takes On Tinseltown
[posted: March 2007]

Composer and Church of Satan Warlock Le’ rue Delashay has moved to Los Angeles to begin scoring motion pictures, one of which will have a Hollywood premiere in April 2007. Also, Delashay, having returned from a two-week European tour with goth legend, Eva O., will be playing keyboards in Christian Death 1334, a reunion of sorts in support of Christian Death’s “Only Theatre of Pain” album’s 25th anniversary. Plus, expect a new Le’rue Delashay album this spring, and look for Delashay’s writings in both the current issue of Not Like Most (#16, The Satanic High Mass issue) as well as in an upcoming issue of Old Nick Magazine.

Artistic Devil: Site Update
[posted: February 2007]

Artistic Devil has gone through a complete makeover, with all artists listed by medium and many new categories for musicians, performers, writers, a special interest sections for publications that accept out-of-the-ordinary submissions and a section dedicated to creating Total Environments. Check out their new look and tell them what you think through the poll on the main site.

The Quintessentials Hit The Mainland
[posted: February 2007]

Satanic punk rock legends, The Quintessentials, have been interviewed by Finnish blog, Tales from the Shadows of Your Soul. Now relocated in Portland, Oregon, leader Les Hernandez (also a Warlock in the Church of Satan) discusses the changes in the band and what’s in store. Also, check out their MySpace page.

New SIG: Devil’s Gain
[posted: February 2007]

Success, in all of its forms, has been the cornerstone of Satanism and the result of Lesser Magic well practiced. Rallying under that flag is Devil’s Gain, an online collective interest comprised of Church of for more information. members pursuing real-world goals. As a byproduct of the Church of Satan Special Interest Groups, Devil’s Gain provides interviews, reviews, resources, and more. They are also accepting submissions from CoS members in good standing. Write them at


Satanic Media Coverage Online
[posted: August 2006]

Dutch Website On Satanism Launches
[posted: August 2006]

From the website: “DesDuivels.Info (“De Duivels” meaning “Of the Devil”) is an information point where clear and unambiguous information about Satanism and the Church of Satan can be found in the Dutch language. Rather than taking a defensive or justifying position, I am of the opinion that Satanism does not need to be justified. Consequently, no guestbook or discussion forum is provided. The site contains only texts about Satanism and the Church of Satan. Undoubtedly, the body of texts will expand in the future, and content will be continually refined.”

Satanists In U.K. Get New Message Board
[posted: August 2006]

Church of Satan Warlock U.V. Ray has picked up where the now-defunct U.K. site, Satanism-UK left off by launching Satan Speaks, which is, in the webmaster’s words, “a useful resource for Satanists based predominantly in the United Kingdom but also an intelligent and productive platform for Satanists around the globe to swap ideas and make purposeful contacts.”

Satanism Today: Walpurgisnacht Show
[posted: March 2006]

Satanism Today will return with a special broadcast on 30 April 2006 at 7pm EST. The show will feature a variety of segments covering a variety of topics from music, art, science/ technology, literature, events, and as always, news and commentary from the Satanic Perspective! Keep checking the show site for more information!


Paintblogging With Coop
[posted: September 2005]

Positive Ape Index, the blog site for Satanic artist, Coop, is yet another manifestation of his growing online presence. In addition to thoughts from Coop on a number of related and not-so-related subjects, the artist has been documenting the painting process on at least two current pieces, complete with step-by-step photos.

The “paintblogging” posts begin here, with the most recent (read: the beginning to Part II of an assumedly continuing series) here.

Satanism Today: No Longer Weekly
[posted: September 2005]

The Church of Satan Special Interest Groups had a new addition this summer with Deviant Bodies, an online magazine consisting of articles researched and written by the group’s participants which include science professionals, students, and science enthusiasts. A wide array of topics will be explored in the pursuit of their goals of stimulation, motivation, and entertainment.

Lust Magazine Drops “Issues” Format
[posted: May 2005]

This ongoing project of the Human Sexuality group of the Church of Satan SIGs continues to delve into an expanding spectrum of sexuality, but now will be updated as needed, in effect dropping the previous “per issue” format. Drop by the site for new product reviews, film reviews, articles and more. Also, sign up for their e-list. For mature audiences only.

Bound Matter From Hell
[posted: Mar 2005]

Scapegoat Publishing is the collaboration of two notables in Satanic media: Reverend Chris X of both Reptilian Records and Adversary Recordings, and Warlock Kevin I. Slaughter of Sin Set Books. From their website: “Scapegoat Publishing is a book publisher dedicated to producing fine art, fiction and non-fictional works of quality for a discriminating audience. Our books focus on the dark, sometimes sinister, often-controversial endeavors of some of the intrepid explorers of our cultural underworld.” Check out their upcoming releases and get on their e-mailing list.

New SIG Project hosted by Purging Talon
[posted: Feb 2005]

In cooperation with the Satanic Aesthetics group of the Church of Satan Special Interest Groups, The Sinister Screen is now online, with reviews of films and video, as well as books, links and more on Satanic philosophy and aesthetics in both media. Contribution open to CoS members only.

Blood Axis: U.S. Performance Before Euro Tour
[updated: Mar 2005]

Tesco USA is proud to present A DESCENT INTO THE MAELSTROM, set to take place Sunday 27 March 2005 at an undisclosed private club. The event promises to be an eclectic evening of experimental, folk and dark aural delights with a rare live performance by legendary cult band, Blood Axis featuring the First Couple of Misanthropic Marching Music, Michael Moynihan (also author of “Lords Of Chaos”) and Annabel Lee (both of whom also responsible for the publishing company known as Dominion), along with folk noir duo, Changes, and with special guests, Dream Into Dust. A preview of the “Behind The Mask” documentary on Death In June is also scheduled to be shown. For info on the bands involved, ticket and travel information, as well as contact and mailing list details, visit the event’s official webpage.

Kasner Art Show
[posted: Jan 2005]

BLK/MRKT will be displaying the art of Church of Satan member, Stephen Kasner at their gallery until 26 February 2005. Currently, his work, as well as the work of another artist, are on display at the gallery’s main page. The gallery is located at 6009 Washington Blvd in Culver City, California. Link will be updated once or if Kasner’s page is archived.

Deviant Bodies SIG: Exploring Science
[posted: December 2004]

The Church of Satan Special Interest Groups had a new addition this summer with Deviant Bodies, an online magazine consisting of articles researched and written by the group’s participants which include science professionals, students, and science enthusiasts. A wide array of topics will be explored in the pursuit of their goals of stimulation, motivation, and entertainment.

Baphomet Altar Piece Available at CoS Emporium
[posted: December 2004]

Satanic artist and Church of Satan member, Daniel Byrd has crafted this 18″ Baphomet Wall Plaque made of hand carved solid wood, and is now available at the Church of Satan Emporium. Direct link to description/ordering page is here. Check out his personal site as well for examples of his other creations.

Satanism Today On-Demand!
[posted: October 2004]

The radio version of Satanism Today is now offering its episodes on an on-demand basis for a nominal fee. Check out the site for more details on that, as well as the Satanism Today chatroom during live shows, links, who this week’s guest will be, and more. Satanism Today is hosted live each week by Reverend David Harris of The Church of Satan.

The High Priest Speaks!
[updated: November 2004]

Magick Mind Radio, an Internet program concerning “all things mysterious and paranormal,” had recently interviewed Church of Satan High Priest, Peter H. Gilmore in a 90-minute segment (without station breaks or commercials). Surprisingly pleasant and non-antagonistic, the host of this program, along with a guest, have a productive, inquisitive, and polite conversation with Magus Gilmore on nearly all things Satanic. If still archived, the segmented episode should be here. [link updated]

Satanic Internet Radio Show… Back on the Web
[updated: August 2004]

After a hiatus from the Web, Satanism Today (the radio version) now has a new website and a new look, the latter reflective of its video version counterpart. Hosted by Rev. David Harris of the Church of Satan, this weekly one-hour program relaying news and commentary from the Satanic perspective is currently planning to go out on its own from its former deal with Radio Free Satan. News on that, as well as the newly-opened “On-Demand” feature, is at the site.

The Satanic Archetype From The Artistic Eye
[posted: July 2004]

100 Artists See Satan is a survey of contemporary artists and their interpretation and representation of the supreme demon. Organized by artists/curators John Baldessari and Meg Cranston for Independent Curators Inc. New York, the showing runs from 3 July – 19 September 2004 at the Cal State Fullerton Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana, California. Artists include Dan Clowes, Joe Coleman, Coop, Robert Williams, and others. Summary page stays active until next exhibit replaces it.

Online Gallery: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

Direct from Finland…
[posted: June 2004]

Designed and maintained by Church of Satan members in Finland, Satanism In Finland provides information and essays in Finnish (and working on providing English translations as of press time; much of the menus are available in English), as well as a mailing list, relevant links, how to obtain CoS-approved books on Satanism, and more. Also, they have released their fledgling issue of The Dark Corner, an English-language publication for both Church of Satan members worldwide and for those interested.

Fang and Claw — Now Available
[posted: May 2004]

Colonel Akula of the Church of Satan has penned a manual on “a Satanic approach to physical combat.” From the author: “Fang and Claw includes nine ‘rules’ for studying and employing martial arts as well as developing the correct frame of mind in which to engage an opponent. Through the use of Dr. LaVey’s Personality Synthesizer Clock, Fang and Claw offers a system that determines which martial art best compliments a particular Satanist’s physique, age and health level… The book also contains instructions on how to combine a dojo with a Total Environment to create a ‘training sanctum’ in which one can practice martial arts and be surrounded by aesthetically pleasing stimuli.” More on this title, including ordering info, can be found here. Also, check out Akula’s site on Satanism and politics: The Monolith.

Not Like Most Issue 14 released!
[posted: April 2004]

Not Like Most #14, the “publication of Satanism in action,” has been released. Published by the media company known as Purging Talon, NLM explores Satanism via in-depth articles, pertinent media reviews, Satanic news, and other items. This issue contains a useful “survival guide” for the misanthrope, plus articles on “Absolute” Human Companions, indulgence, weird patents, horror movie nostalgia, Wagner, Paganini, and more, plus an interview with Nemo, founder of the Temple of the Vampire — the organization which established the Vampire religion. Visit the NLM site for ordering details on current and back issues, information on Satanism, past material, and more.

Rev. Lang — Columnist for
[posted: April 2004]

Following a two-part interview for the Canadian-made online forum, Something Cool News (and both interview parts are available for perusal in the Online Articles/ Interviews section of Superhighway To Hell), Rev. Robert Lang of the Church of Satan was appointed “ethicist” for a weekly column therein. Check out a new topic each week as Rev. Lang and another SCN columnist duke it out. Also, make sure to look into SCN editorials with Colonel Akula, also of the Church of Satan. SCN archives also available.

Purging Talon e-Bay auction continues…
[updated: April 2004]

The Purging Talon e-Bay auction continues on select titles, past and present — all of which, issues that are no longer in print, including the very sought-after first two issues of Not Like Most. Grab yourself a piece of Purging Talon history with these print titles. Also, additional items for bid, including non-Purging Talon collectibles. Some items for auction end their bidding period on 19 April 04.

Threnody For Humanity — Out Now!
[posted: March 2004]

This CD is comprised of music composed and performed by the current High Priest of the Church of Satan, Peter H. Gilmore. The tracks were originally for various sources, from b-grade horror movies to a ballet to soundtrack cues for the documentary, Death Scenes 2, released in 1992. Magus Gilmore’s music is an electronic symphony, playing on the themes of misanthropy, destiny, and triumphal marches. Original artwork for the cover, booklet and traycard by Stephen Kasner — a fitting accompaniment to the music. Available through Adversary Recordings.

Upcoming album from the Quintessentials
[posted: March 2004]

30 April 2004 (Walpurgisnacht) promises a new album from the Satanic punk rock band, The Quintessentials. Entitled, “Pentagonal Revisionism” (named after the five-point essay from Church of Satan founder, Anton Szandor LaVey), this collection of music from the Hawaiian punk act will be the follow-up to their previous opus, “The Horror Never Ends.” Info on the album, including some mp3 samples, can be found at their official site.

Lust Magazine — Sexuality from the Dark Side
[posted: March 2004]

Lust Magazine, an online publication dedicated to exploring the finer points of man’s carnal nature is presented from the perspective of the discerning sexual connoisseur. Lust Magazine’s “Sexual Arcana” section investigates strange and often humorous tales of arcane sexual practices. The magazine also premieres two exclusive columns: “The Carnal Sutra” — independent sex researcher, Shiva Rodriguez answers more general inquiries about sexuality and unconventional relationships, and tosses in a few humorous stories of her own. Lust Magazine also features a growing catalog of sex-related film, website, book and product reviews.

S.I.G. Baphomet Gallery premieres
[posted: March 2004]

The Special Interest Groups program enacted by the Church of Satan — in particular, their Satanic Aesthetics subgroup — has produced an online gallery of artistic renditions of the Baphomet. Artists such as Devin Bast, Daniel Byrd, Robert Lang, Scott West, and others contribute their personal visions of the CoS sigil at the official website of the Church of Satan. To access from the CoS main menu, click on “Theory/Practice” and then scroll towards the Creativity section.