STH: Satanism Articles/Interviews

In 1999, Superhighway To Hell moved from being a column in the widely-read Satanic publication, Not Like Most, to its own publication. STH lasted in print through four editions (2000-2003) and was largely a website review publication. In March 2004, STH publisher, Matt G. Paradise, felt that the print medium was too limited for what the publication was and what it could be, both in exposure and in content. So the idea was moved to an online format, providing a more interactive experience and gaining a larger audience. Since the dissolution of the STH site in 2009, all main content was moved to Diabologue, the center of attention for many things Purging Talon. (Note: Some links might be dead, either now or in the future. Keep it in mind.)


Speaking of Strange: Colonel Akula audio interview
(May 2008) [hear interview]

News Radio 850 KOA: David Harris audio interview
(February 2008) [hear interview]


The Standard: Jack Malebranche video interview
(October 2007) [watch interview]

Point of Inquiry: Peter H. Gilmore audio interview
(August 2007) [hear interview]

Newstatesmen: U.V. Ray articles
(August 2007) [read all]

Tales from the Shadows of Your Soul: Quintessentials interview
(February 2007) [read interview]


Out There Radio: Peter H. Gilmore audio interview
(July 2006) [hear interview]

The Hour: Peter H. Gilmore video interview
(June 2006) [watch interview]

CBS: Satanic High Mass coverage in L.A.
(June 2006) [watch story]


New York Press: “Alas, Babylon” article on Peter H. Gilmore and the Church of Satan
(June 2005) [read article]


Willamette Week Online: Article on Diabolos Rex
(November 2004) [read interview]

North Gate News Online: “Satanists Not So Spooky, Say Supporters”
(October 2004) [read article]

Crypt Magazine: Interview with Thomas Thorn
(August 2004) [read interview]

Something Cool: Follow-up interview with Robert A. Lang
(March 2004) [read interview]

Something Cool: First interview with Robert A. Lang
(March 2004) [read interview]


Baltimore City Paper: Article on Chris X
(Dec 2003) [read article]

Black Table: Interview with Peter H. Gilmore
(Feb 2003) [read interview]


“High School Faces Fight Over Satan Reference”
(Feb 2002) [read article]


Occidental Congress: Interview with Michael Moynihan
(1999) [read interview]

Endemoniada: Interview with Peter H. Gilmore
(1998) [read interview]

MetroActive: Article on Rev. Michael Boe
(April 1997) [read article]

Velvet Hammer: Interview with Anton LaVey (1997) [read interview]

Answer ME!: Interview with Anton LaVey (1992) [read interview]