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December 21st, 2008 Comments off

Many fine, upstanding citizens enjoy our books so much that they take the plunge and post enthusiastic reviews of them to Amazon, something I’ve been encouraging in place of merely e-mailing or PM-ing us the same sentiments where no one else can read them and, thus, make a more informed buying decision. Reviews are important, and I appreciate the following individuals for actively helping Purging Talon with their positive and very public opinions.

Bill writes…

Whether you identify as an atheist, freethinker, Objectivist, misanthropist, social darwinist, rational hedonist, or just a general non-conformist, you’ll find no shortage of devilishly lovable quotes in this book. There’s certainly no shortage of religion bashing quotes, but that’s far from being the only subject. The quotes are arranged alphabetically by author, and the topic index makes it easy to look up a theme and find a slew of relevant quotes.

The editor also stresses the point that a good quote is a good quote, regardless of who it comes from, so to whine “Why is Fredrick Douglas in this book?!? He was a Christian!” is to miss the point. These are all well-selected quotes, whether they come from ancient philosophers or modern rock stars. They show the world and life as they truly are, not “ought” to be. In a world where most people seem to praise conformity, mediocrity, and outdated religious dogma, the kinds of quotes here become quite “Satanic” to the status quo indeed.

Tiberia writes…

I found this book insightful, humorous and informative. Not only is it a fun read, some might even find it enlightening. This book is compiled into the perfect format; you can dig in and read it cover to cover in one sitting or savor it a few pages at a time on your daily commute. As the title may suggest, an open mind might be essential to buying this book, however, it is certainly not a prerequisite to one’s appreciating it.

Read more from these reviews and leave your own on this title at the Amazon review page for The Book of Satanic Quotations.

The Book of Satanic Quotations – Available NOW!

April 13th, 2008 Comments off

In 2002, Purging Talon had released the first edition of The Book of Satanic Quotations. Now, six years later, it is available in a new SECOND EDITION… professionally bound, color cover, fully indexed, and with many more authors and quotes than its predecessor. Also contains classic illustrations of devilry from the past 500+ years and a special new introduction by Purging Talon Executive Director, Matt G. Paradise, a Magister in the Church of Satan and author of Bearing The Devil’s Mark.

Over two millennia and over 400 authors including such notables as Aristotle, Asimov, Byron, Churchill, Dickenson, Einstein, Emerson, Hegel, Ingersoll, LaVey, Mencken, Nietzsche, Rand, Shakespeare, Twain and many more providing insight, witticisms and thought congruent with the Satanic philosophy.

[more information at the TBoSQ Ordering Page]

Review Quotes On BTDM

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“[Bearing The Devil’s Mark] is a well-wrought and welcome volume! [The author] emerges from these gathered musings as a starkly misanthropic curmudgeon, and [his] tart observations are just the proper lashes deserved by the objects of [his] attention. Bravo!”

Peter H. Gilmore, High Priest of the
Church of Satan, and author of The Satanic Scriptures

“…in this entire book there is not a single moment when [the author’s] perception was off in the slightest way… [he has the] ability to explore the Satanic philosophy and convey nuances of it with the utmost clarity and precision. It’s all absolutely spot-on, like a pure high note held by a world famous opera star.”

Peggy Nadramia, High Priestess of the Church of Satan

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Bearing The Devil’s Mark – Now Available

November 17th, 2007 Comments off

BEARING THE DEVIL’S MARK, the debut authored book from Purging Talon Executive Director and Church of Satan Magister Matt G. Paradise, is now available for purchase from Purging Talon.

from the back cover… “Bearing The Devil’s Mark is a bold and no-nonsense treatise on the subject of Satanism — not from the perverse pen of bitter and jealous Christians or even their pagan counterparts, but straight from the Satanic perspective itself! Through both personal observation and established fact, Bearing The Devil’s Mark taps into the vein of the world’s most feared religion and presents its undiluted insight on the human condition. Sex, love, politics, technology, the God religions, and more — all brought to you by someone with over 25 years of actively living the Satanic philosophy.”

[more information at the BTDM Ordering Page]