Audio Clips

A Bit Of The Devil (mp3)

Ain’t No Princess (mp3)

A Real Lesson (mp3)

Billy – APM (mp3)

Chicken! (mp3)

Close, But Not Exactly (mp3)

Drink of the Blood Of Darkness (mp3)

Emmy – APM (mp3)

Geronimo! (mp3)

Get Thee Away From Me (mp3)

Got Me A Handful (mp3)

Here To Make Men (mp3)

Hunting Outfits (mp3)

I’ll Be Damned (mp3)

I Dream A Lot (mp3)

Lucifer, Diablo… KILL! (mp3)

One of Our Cheerleaders Is In Trouble! (mp3)

Prepare For Your Damnation (mp3)

Prevert! (mp3)

Scaredycat, Scaredycat! (mp3)

We’re Gonna TP Their School (mp3)

We Will Perform The Black Mass (mp3)

You’re Gonna Be The First (mp3)

You Think You’re All So Smart (mp3)

You VIPER! (mp3)

You WILL Win This Game! (mp3)