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Why A Site On THIS Movie?

I was introduced to this film in the mid-80s on cable TV during my teen years. I’d taped it at that point, and it rapidly became a cult classic with my friends and I. Through the years, I found other folks who had a soft spot for this movie, and still others who couldn’t really define why they dug it, but that they just did. So, based on all of that, I erected this site in dedication to this cheesy but cheery 70s low budget romp.

So, Why An Upright Pentacle?

Beats me. Certainly, this symbol (in its presented orientation) is NOT a symbol used by either devil worshippers or Satanists (the distinction is covered further down), but is often used in many pagan traditions, as well as in Wicca and numerous practices of witchcraft (usually of the so-called “white light” variety). It could be that the folks who made this movie simply didn’t know the difference. Not the first time that such symbolism has been used inaccurately in various forms of media. When you include the “Evil Eye” (commonly imagined to ward off “evil”) in its center, it might be plausible to assume the moviemakers could have been hesitant to use more “malevolent” symbology, whether for superstitious reasons or to avoid societal flack. Maybe they were playing it “safe?”

Who’s YOUR Favorite Cheerleader?


What Does That Damn Latin Phrase Mean?

“Audi Precis Mea, Satana…” (the correct spelling, as its spelling on the main page is phonetic) roughly translates to “Hear my prayers, Satan.”

How Much Of This Movie Accurately Portrays Satanism?

Practically none, but that’s not the point of the film. The characters are, more accurately, devil worshippers, which is a Christian heresy and wholy separate from actual Satanism. Satanism does not advocate human sacrifices or kidnapping, let alone a literal belief in an actual deity, though the aesthetics of the film might appeal to Satanists, much like any other form of darkly-inspired yet ficticious entertainment.

Who Did Those Songs In The Film?

A group credited as Sonoma. I know nothing else about them or the two tracks, but if you do, you should e-mail me at info@purgingtalon.com and point me to solid info.

Where Did All The Actors Go After SC?

Television, mostly. And for quite a few, a very short TV career. The actor who played the football coach purportedly only had this movie as a known acting credit (which might not surprise anyone). Most of the elder actors had fairly successful careers prior to Satan’s Cheerleaders — in film, TV, and the stage. By the 1970s, many folks considered the careers of these veteran actors to be wrapping up, though Carradine did continue briefly with film — of horror movie note was his role in The Howling.

How Many Actors In The Film Are Uncredited?

Lots. Creditless are many of the cultists, nearly all of the Baker kids, the Dean and his secretary, Stevie’s football pals, and let’s not forget the “Surf’s Up!” dude. That’s over half of the entire cast!

Any Other Details About SC?

Well, if I ever get the chance to interview Greydon Clark about his magnificent movie, I’ll be sure to let you know further tidbits.