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A Note About The Reviews: Although many of the opinions on the movie are “bad” in terms of them being unfavorable at times, these reviews are, more often than not, also somewhat (stress on that last word there) accurate and provide some additional insights on occasion. This is in contrast to the “Bad Reviews” section (linked to the left), which is an exposition on some of the more inaccurate reviews — leaving themselves wide open for deconstruction by someone who apparently knows the film far better than they do.

In other words, the fact that some of them flaunt their ineptitude for millions to see, and then tack their names on it, speaks volumes about them in far too many cases.

What’s pervasive throughout most of the reviews, whether they are unfavorable or generally inaccurate, is the flagrant misuse of terms such as Satanist and Satanism — mindlessly equating them with devil worship and this film. Considering the rampant availability of information on Satanism from a wealth of credible sources in the 21st Century both in print and, more immediately, on the Internet (chiefly, the very one for The Church of Satan itself), it boggles the mind how even marginally intelligent sounding folks can be so oblivious. And how even more amusing that, by and large, a sizable number of young people, even as young as early-teens, have a far more factual understanding of what Satanism is and isn’t — to the chagrin of their media-fed parents, no doubt.

If you know of any other reviews for Satan’s Cheerleaders on the Internet that follow along the lines of the ones linked above, send an e-mail to and let us know.