The Cheerleaders


Patti is the undisputed leader of the group, whether that be of the girls themselves or, later, the cult. She’s also the brains of the four and seems to know exactly what to do in a situation. And, of course, she’s the main focus of nudity in the film, at least for a couple of brief moment.


Affectionately known as “the big one,” Sharon’s ample endowments upfront get her much attention from the menfolk, though not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. And remember… she ain’t no princess.


Probably the least prominent among the cheerleaders. Chris is hard to get a read on, but she is the inquisitive type and is also the one who finds out the secret of the cult and their nefarious plans.


Easily the most braindead of the group, but probably also the cutest. Yes, Debbie couldn’t think to save her life, but she’s got it where it counts, and she’s ready to get down and dirty with the guys at the drop of a hat.