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Bearing The Devil’s Mark – Now Available

November 17th, 2007

BEARING THE DEVIL’S MARK, the debut authored book from Purging Talon Executive Director and Church of Satan Magister Matt G. Paradise, is now available for purchase from Purging Talon.

from the back cover… “Bearing The Devil’s Mark is a bold and no-nonsense treatise on the subject of Satanism — not from the perverse pen of bitter and jealous Christians or even their pagan counterparts, but straight from the Satanic perspective itself! Through both personal observation and established fact, Bearing The Devil’s Mark taps into the vein of the world’s most feared religion and presents its undiluted insight on the human condition. Sex, love, politics, technology, the God religions, and more — all brought to you by someone with over 25 years of actively living the Satanic philosophy.”

[more information at the BTDM Ordering Page]