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October 21st, 2018

About Purging Talon

Purging Talon was founded on Halloween of 1993, and disseminates various media that is unconventional, appeals to free-thinkers, free of the censorship present in the mainstream media, and champions the ideal of a free press and the First Amendment.

Purging Talon founder Matt G. Paradise is the author of Bearing The Devil’s Mark and editor of The Book of Satanic Quotations. Paradise is also a Magister in the infamous Church of Satan and has done media representation for both the CoS and Purging Talon in the form of print interviews, both online and offline, as well as interview appearances on network television and radio. His professional experience in the media is widespread, including publishing, freelance writing, journalism, radio and network television, public access production, documentary-making, music and Web design.

Magister Paradise currently resides in Burlington, Vermont.

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Past Projects

NOTE: All titles listed below are no longer available from Purging Talon. On occasion, they will appear on eBay or as rare offers from online merchandisers. Please do not ask us for these products. They are listed here purely as history. Also, this list is not inclusive of projects in which either Purging Talon was jointly involved or were Purging Talon one-offs, such as DeSade magazine, Flames From The Internet, Vermont Rock Show, Propaganda Tool, and others. We did a lot and we (or, simply, I) sometimes even forget a few things. Getting old, you know. – MGP

Poo Poo Magazine (1993-1998)

Released by Purging Talon on Halloween of 1993, Poo Poo Magazine explored (and exploited) humanity and all of its delusional activities with all of the care and precision of a surgeon. In past issues, PPM had laid to rest the pretentiousness of rock and roll groupie-ism, probed the politically-incorrect limits regarding the relations between men and women, and had overall been the thorn in the side of those who relied on pretense and social scapegoats as grounds for expression. We had a pretty good time making this mag but, like many people, we had to grow up sometime so this title becomes the barometer of its contributors in their 20s. Fun stuff. Anyhoo, Poo Poo went for 18 issues and was retired in early-1998.

Not Like Most (1995-2009)

This “Publication of Satanism In Action” began publishing in the summer of 1995 — first in digest size and then to its 8.5″ x 11″ format — and went for 17 issues before ceasing in 2009. Interviews, articles, and reviews in and around the world’s most feared religion made it a widely-read and respected publication and was very much the fledgling media representative effort of its publisher, Matt G. Paradise, who had then become an appointed Agent of the Church of Satan. We even survived the ’90s zine craze by 10 years, an astounding feat considering some of the heavyweight titles of that era.

Subterranean SINema (1997-2008)

Public access program produced by Matt G. Paradise, initially for VCAM Channel 15 in Burlington Vermont and then later available in compilation form on DVD for a short time from Purging Talon. Despite adversity, SubSIN brought Chittenden County cable subscribers a rolling onslaught of sex, violence, Satanism, body piercing, horror movies, counterculture, and so much more. Many people, events, and groups of underground note had graced the 135-episode run of the show, including Charles Manson, G.G. Allin, The Church of Euthanasia, Burning Man, Survival Research Laboratories, The Kids of Widney High, Skitzo, The Church of Satan, Suicide Girls, Pasolini, GWAR, The Genitorturers, pornography, drag queens, Jim Rose, death, Kenneth Anger, Marilyn Manson, Mike Diana, heavy metal, retards, exploitation, The Church of the Subgenius, the Goddess Bunny, Atomic TV, the Littleton Massacre killers, televangelists, censorship, Unarians, anti-drug films, culture jamming, Laibach, INDECLINE, Joe Coleman, Richard Kern, punk/hardcore, S&M, Consortium of Genius, Psychic TV, Kembra Pfalher, backyard wrestling, Genesis P-Orridge, atheism, and the list goes on.

Superhighway To Hell (1999-2008)

In 1999, Superhighway To Hell moved from being a column in the Satanic publication, Not Like Most, to its own publication. STH lasted in print through four editions (2000-2003) and was largely a website review publication. But, in March 2004, STH publisher, Matt G. Paradise, felt that the print medium was too limited for what the publication was and what it could be, both in exposure and in content. So the idea was moved to an online format, providing a more interactive experience and gaining a larger audience, bringing its readers a more comprehensive resource for Satanism online, including articles, links, news, reviews, and more. In 2008, the site was removed to concentrate on more real-world media pursuits.

Purging Talon CDs (2000)

For a limited time, we did CDs (and one CD-ROM). Here’s the rundown:

Compendium Diarrhea: The Best of Poo Poo Magazine took you through the five-year digestion of this spiteful literary tamale. Over 160 e-pages, including an appendix full of flyers, ads, handbills and media print clips associated with PPM.

The Purging Talon Vault Tapes, the first CD-R release from PTP, dug deep into its archives of covertly taped events between 1984 and 1999 — drunk people, crazy people, strangely candid people, and a host of others caught largely unaware. Lots of foul language, too. Produced by PTP head, Matt G. Paradise.

From the liner notes of There’s Nothing You Can Do: Pubic Itch (1984-1989): Pubic Itch was born somewhere in the latter half of 1984 (and we don’t recall specifically when… an omen of things to come). Two crazy metalhead teenagers of the ’80s with no musical ability (and no real desire to strive for it) decided to get drunk, pick up guitars and hit record on the boom box. In fact, Pubic Itch had rules. In addition to intentionally striving to be the worst band in the world, we made rules banning drums from the “band” (and, why, I have NO idea — lost to time, I suppose), writing all lyrics minutes before performing, all music must be played on the fly (no preparation), no microphones (which was more about not having them than anything else), and the most important element of all to any about-to-be-classic song from Pubic Itch: alcohol.

Satanism Today: The Video Version (2002-2006)

As the title states, this was a visually-friendly version of Magister Harris’ excellent (and now defunct) Internet radio program, Satanism Today. Purging Talon did four seasons of this show, consisting of the radio program audio accompanied by relevant graphics, video promos, website listings and more. When Harris stopped producing regular episodes, Purging Talon had to likewise follow suit, ceasing production in 2006.

Heavy Metal Memories (2003-2006)

Heavy Metal Memories was a radio show airing on Radio Free Satan and dedicated to ’70s and ’80s heavy metal. Hosted and produced by Matt G. Paradise, the show was quite successful, supported an official message board (“Powersurge”) and managed 170 episodes before ending.

Purging Talon DVDs (2003-2005)

Here’s what we released on DVD (and are no longer available):

Satanism Today: The Video Version (Vol. 1): These first two episodes feature Peter H. Gilmore, High Priest of the Church of Satan, as the interview guest. Magus Gilmore discusses topics pertinent to Satanism and the Church of Satan, including the very tenets and philosophy of the Satanic religion. Extras include: ST Video Promos; ST Radio Promo; Bios on the producers; and a Text Introduction by ST Host, David Harris.

Satanism Today: The Video Version (Vol. 2): Follow-up volume in this widely-selling series. Episode 4 consists of a roundtable discussion between ST host, David Harris; Church of Satan High Priest, Peter H. Gilmore; and CoS member, Christopher Mealie. Topic for this episode is the Coffin Joe series of films and their Satanic implications. Episode 6 features an interview with Reverend Thomas Thorn of the Electric Hellfire Club and the Church of Satan. Thorn discusses his then-current project, U.nited S.atanic A.merica, as well as other fascinating topics surrounding music, politics, and Satanism. DVD includes the usual ST extras.

The Best of Subterranean SINema: In its first six years, Subterranean SINema rose to infamy as Burlington, Vermont’s “most controversial show” on public access TV. Now, you can experience all of the fun, fear, and fanaticism with this DVD of its best material. Take a caustic ride through Satanism, G.G. Allin, Survival Research Labs, Church of Euthanasia, and Skitzo, plus the infamous “Redneck Torture” and “Pink Slip” clips and much more. Also included is an exclusive featurette, “Under The Surface – The Legend of Subterranean SINema” as SubSIN’s producer, helpers, and fans alike discuss the show, its impact, and its implications. Extras, too, including promos, bumpers, and MGP media appearances, plus the complete 2004 re-cut of MGP’s 1998 mockumentary, “Studio 8 Unmasked.” Detailed audio commentaries for both the S8U mockumentary and the feature presentation also available. Welcome to video terrorism!

Purging Talon Video Sampler: Clips include SubSIN promos, assorted promos, and an exclusive “Best Of” episode of Satanism Today: The Video Version comprised of clips from FIVE different episodes (four of which not available on DVD) such as interviews with Peter H. Gilmore, Blanche Barton, Peggy Nadramia, Nemo, and Magister Lang/Magistra DeMagis (the last contains a video interview shot by Magus Gilmore). Some material is directly from our DVDs, some only shown in the Video section of our former Media Center (split between clips there and different clips from the same programs), and many exclusive to this DVD. Full production notes section included.